Thursday, September 16, 2010

Military Hits The Runway

More and more in fashion magazines we are seeing that military is the popular trend for the upcoming season. Both for men and women, military jackets, pants, boots uniforms are gracing the runways all over the world, taking the old look of the 19th century military and blending it with a new more fashionable look. In the March 20101 Issue of Vogue Magazine it was discussed how military styles are the new trend for spring, not to mention that every where you look people are sporting an array of military garb from celebrities to the runway.

(Pictures taken from Vogue March 2010 Edition)

I think the key thing about Military Clothing is not so much if it is authentic or not...many things these days are simply military inspired.....but more how you wear it!!

For military clothing less truly is more. You don't have to go over the top with several different items, maybe one to two pieces. A nice military inspired coat or blouse Also for those on a budget you can always accent the articles of clothing you already have with small hints of details like buttons, chains, patches and military pins/insignia. Go to your local Military/Surplus store or even thrift store and buy something there for cheap, t-shirts, jackets, pants, etc. Then as I mentioned above, add you own flair to the article of clothing. It can be a real hit and trend setter. Military pants are also cool and sexy. Many retail stores are now carrying a military style pants, usually tapered at the bottom with large pockets on the side. Cuff them at the bottom and pair them with a heel, or a nice white blouse and some flats, they are sure to be a hit this spring.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

ASD Show Approaching

This weekend we will heading to the annual ASD Show in Las Vegas held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The ASD show is for both exhibitors and buyers to explore product, obtain material, face to face conversation and purchasing of course! This is a trade show The Mountain View has been going to since, well since I was a little girl. We usually go twice a year, once in February and once in August, and it hear that we are able to really see and understand what products we would like to sell and bring into our store.

With the economy continuing to loom as it has, these days no one
know what to expect with business, sales and profits, so we are ALWAYS looking to bring the next hot product in. One brand who we have been very fortunate to bring in is VooDoo Tactical.
VooDoo Tactical make phenomenal tactical gear, and currently is one of the most popular brands on the market. The show is a great way for us to find out what new items VooDoo has come out with, as well as chat with our VooDoo buddies. Another well known and popular brand that we carry is ROTHCO. Rotcho being one of the industry leaders, and a company who carries a plethora of army military items is constantly coming out with new merchandise. With Rotcho's line, you will often find military style products, some old and authentic looking while others have been transformed to a more hip/trendy style. ROTHCO is dealer I like to go and look at because I find there stuff to be very desirable and great to sell! Sturm-Mil Tec USA is another one of our great wholesalers and one that we have been doing business for a long time. Sturm is a wholesaler military and outdoor supplier specializing in European Military Surplus. Many of the products we carry from Sturm are highly coveted because they are Genuine Issue items.

Some of the major brands we carry on our site and at our store location are Sturm, Rothco, VooDoo Tactical, Stansport, Everest, Elite First Aid, Ontario, Coghlans and a number more.
One important thing I really want our customers to know is that just because you don't see it on our website, does not mean we don't carry please if you are interested in finding something contact us!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Honoring Old Glory: Know your flag Etiquette.

Article taken from the June 12, 2010 edition of

TERRE HAUTE — Monday (June 14 of every year) is Flag Day and there’s no better time to learn your flag etiquette. Learn when, where and how to display the United States Flag. Learn how to care for the U.S. Flag, including what the U.S. Flag Code says about flag retirement.

The flag may be displayed every day. However, it is particularly appropriate to display the flag on what days?

Flag etiquette

The U.S Flag Code was finalized in 1924 and distributed to millions of Americans by various patriotic organizations. Congress adopted the Code in June of 1942 and has amended it several times since then. The Code as it relates to the flag is advisory only and has no penalties attached to it at this time.


• Always display the flag with the blue union field up — never display the flag upside down, except as a signal of extreme distress.

• Always carry the flag aloft and free.

• When several flags are flown from the same flag pole, no other flag should be placed above the U.S. Flag with three exceptions. One is for church services conducted by naval chaplains at sea; the second is at the United Nations Headquarters where the United Nations Flag may be flown above flags of all nations; third is a tradition that the flags of other nations may fly above the U.S. Flag during award ceremonies at the Olympic Games.

• When national flags of other countries are flown in a group setting, each flag must be displayed from a separate pole of the same height.

• Each flag should be the same size or nearly so. They should be raised and lowered simultaneously because the flag of one nation may not be displayed above that of another nation.

• When flown with flags of states, communities, or societies on separate and adjacent flagpoles that are of the same height and in a straight line, the Flag of the United States is always placed in the position of honor — to its own right.

• Flag on the ship’s mast — flags of sovereign nations should not be flown on the same pole as the United States Flag but from separate poles.

• If displayed at night, the flag must be properly illuminated. Proper illumination means that the stars and stripes can be seen readily from a reasonable distance.

• The flag should be raised briskly and lowered slowly and ceremoniously.


• Always keep the flag clean.

• The flag may be mended when torn and cleaned when dirty. If mended it should not be hemmed (shortened) to the point where its measurements are no longer in proportion.

• “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.” (The U.S. Flag Code)

Fly the Flag

The flag may be displayed every day. However, it is particularly appropriate to display the flag on the following days:

• New Year’s Day — Jan. 1

• Martin Luther King Day — Third Monday in January

• Inauguration Day — Jan. 20

• Lincoln’s Birthday — Feb. 12

• Washington’s Birthday — Third Monday in February

• Easter Sunday (date is variable)

• Mother’s Day — Second Sunday in May

• Peace Officers Memorial Day (half-staff) — May 15

• Armed Forces Day — Third Saturday in May

• Memorial Day (half—staff until noon) — Last Monday in May

• Flag Day — June 14

• Father’s Day — Third Sunday in June

• Independence Day — July 4

• National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day — July 27 (added Jan. 6, 2009)

• Labor Day — First Monday in September

• Patriot Day (half—staff) Sept. 11

• Constitution Day — Sept. 17

• Gold Star Mothers Day — Last Sunday in September

• Firefighters Memorial Day (half-staff) — Sunday before or on Oct. 9

• Columbus Day — Second Monday in October

• Navy Day — Oct. 27

• Election Day — First Tuesday in November

• Veterans Day — Nov. 11

• Thanksgiving Day — Fourth Thursday in November

• Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (half-staff) — Dec. 7

• Christmas Day — Dec. 25

• State Birthdays (and other days as may be proclaimed by the president of the United States.)

NOTE: The flag should be displayed daily on or near the main administration building of every public institution.

SOURCE: National Flag Foundation

With 4th of July right around the corner, I anticipate the traditions that come with the holiday: flag hanging, BBQing, family gatherings and the fireworks. This year when I look up at the sky at the beautiful fireworks, as I sit surrounded by my family and those I love so dearly, I will take a moment to really thank our military. To thank those men and women who have fought and fight for our freedom everyday. Thank You.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Are you prepared?

With the recent catastrophic earthquakes that have occurred so frequently in various parts of the world, you have to ask yourself the prepared are you personally for the next big disaster? I started to think about this myself because truly you never know where you are going to be or who will be with you when it happens. For that very reason, my husband and I have put together a couple of survival kits to make sure that we are prepared. I currently have a kit at my house and in my car. Both kits are pretty basic but contain all of the essentials necessary to keep us safe and help us survive during a natural disaster.

Our store carries a variety of these type of survival/first aid kits and I think it is extremely important that every family/household have something like this just in case. You can even put together your own little kit custom made to fit your own needs. I am going to highlight a couple of the ones I find to be especially useful that we sell at our store. Some of these are simply just first aid kits and some are survival (the ones that contain MRE's, water, emergency blankets, etc.) Both type of kits are important to have accessible to you, and it is easy to combine a couple of them.

G.I. STYLE FIRST AID KIT- SOLDIER: This small kit is contains first aid supplies (band-aids, bandages, things of this nature) and is sufficient enough for an individual first aid kit. You can attach it on to your belt loop or backpack. Great to have in your bigger or survival kit, purse, car or bathroom.

LARGE POST OFFICE FIRST AID KIT: This kit is a little more practical for a larger office or school. Orginially desgined specifically for the US post office, this kit comes with a comprehensive manual and 9 First Aid modules...bones, breathing, stings eyes, etc. Each module is clearly labeled for the covered emergency and contains a list of all contents contained in the package.

M.R.E. - MEALS READY TO EAT: We sell these in bulk or on an individual basis. It is extremely important to have some kind of food source around your house in case of an emergency. Many people have canned goods around there house that are not perishable or have a long shelf life. MRE's are also a good option to have in your kits in case you can't get to items in your house.

EMERGENCY PURIFIED DRINKING WATER: Pure Emergency Drinking Water-Individually packaged pouches of survival water, filtered for purity and has a five year shelf life spcifically for emergency preparedness and food storage. Water is a must have for survival!

FIRST AID TACTICAL TRAMA KIT 3: The Tactical Trauma Kit #3 comes in the ever so popular VooDoo Tactical Level 3 Assault pack. This pack is perfect for this type of first aid kit because it has a variety of compartments for easy access to the contents. This backpack is designed and used by professionals, and is very comfortable to wear, durable, compact and easy to transfer.
This pack is the ultimate survival kit and carries a plethora of survival items.

NEW PLATOON FIRST AID KIT: This first aid kit is compact and can easily slip inside a travel or sports bag. A great first aid kit for the car or garage. The New Platoon First Aid Kit comes in a new pouch, available in Black, ACU, OD Green and Coyote. The pouch has M.O.L.L.E. straps on the back so is easily attachable to any other bag or is compatible with other M.O.L.L.E. systems. The kit comes shrink wrapped with a list of contents. The New Platoon First Aid Kit measures: 9.5''x7''x3'' and weighs 1.5 lbs.

EMERGENCY SURVIVAL SPACE BLANKET: Emergency Survival Space Blanket. Made of polyester material. Retains 90% of body heat. Emergency protection in all weather conditions. Waterproof, windproof, will not crack, mildew or shrink. The dimensions of the blanket are 84"X52".

So as you can see there are a number of survival/first aid kits out there available. These are some of the ones we sell at The Mountain View in Campbell, CA and at our on-line store I highly suggest that if you do not have something like this accessible to you, you get one because as I mentioned before you never know when you may need one.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to The Army Navy Surplus Blogspot!

Allow me to introduce ourselves. We are The Mountain View, a surplus store located in Campbell, CA. Our original roots date back to 1947 when my grandfather David Bonner opened the first store in El Cerrito. The store was a traditional surplus store focusing on surplus items. The way it worked back then was the government operated a program where veterans were given the initial opportunity to purchase surplus. You can imagine that there were probably a number of things being sold at a government auction, my grandfathers first purchase......a batch of 12 inch rulers. This is something my father will always remember as a lesson from Grandpa Dave that you can sell anything and everything and such collectibles are always valued.

From the time The Mountain View opened, my grandfather's specialty business as I mentioned was always surplus, although in time he gradually expanded to working clothes. In 1956, Grandpa Dave decided to move the business to the nearby town of Mountain View. With a new location, came a new name and therefore the store was re-named Mountain View Surplus. By 1976 my grandfather's business has grown so much, he had opened 4 store in California. My grandfather needed help, so he went to his youngest son (my father), Roger Bonner. My father was no stranger to surplus, he had grown up around it and was somewhat interested in it. A CPA by profession, my dad had been studying for a Ph.D. in accounting. No questions asked though, my dad left the CPA world and went to work for Grandpa Dave.

Upon retiring in 1986, Grandpa Dave had closed the Mountain View store. Two of the stores had already closed, leaving only the Campbell store, which my dad then bought from his father After purchasing the business, my mother quickly joined the team and together my parents molded the business. They focused on the store for a solid 6 years and for the last 24 years have continued to grow their business!

The Mountain View continues to strive to supply Northern California residents with genuine military surplus. We have always stayed true to "real" surplus with a lot of merchandise still being obtained directly from the government. Now a days my dad will bid on such things as military bags, uniforms, equipment, apparel, collectibles, etc. I am always amazed at the history and value that many of the items that my dad either has in his own collection, or to be sold. You can really find some cools things in our stores!

One thing that has been really exciting is the launch of our new website. WWW.THEARMYNAVYSURPLUS.COM. We established our on-line store August 2009 and already have seen business gradually grow, having a presence on the internet. Right now our on-line store only displys a 1/3 of the items that we carry and we are constantly encouraging our customers to contact us if they don't see something they are looking for. We also ship anywhere including International and use USPS or UPS. We carry a variety of brands and are constantly expanding our inventory. At our store you will find but are not limited to VOODOO TACTICAL, ROTHCO, MAGNUM, STURM, TRU SPEC-ATLANTCO, ELITE FIRST-AID, STANSPORT, COGHLANS, ONTARIO KNIFE COMPANY, and so much more!

Here is just a quick peek at some of the new items I have added in the last couple days. Enjoy!


Military S.P.E.A.R. Cold Weather Polartec Fleece Jacket. NEW, Genuine US Military Issue. Polartec fleece jackets, for use as a goretex parka liner on the extreme cold weather system used by our military. The jacket provides exceptional warmth and thermal insulation. It has a high level of breathability and does not restrict movement.
This also makes a great stand-alone jacket, featuring underarm zippers with corded pulls to help regulate heat/cold. The wrist have velcro adjusters for comfort and heat retention. There are zippered pockets in front at the waist and two large mesh pockets inside the jacket, great for storing your valuables. The jacket also has an elastic drawstring waist with friction-lock adjusters at each hip. Shoulders feature extra layer of nylon to help repel water. 100% Polyester. NSN 8415-01-538-6742


Military S.P.E.A.R. Cold Weather Polartec Fleece Jacket. NEW, Genuine US Military Issue. Polartec fleece jackets, for use as a goretex parka liner on the extreme cold weather system used by our military. The jacket provides exceptional warmth and thermal insulation. It has a high level of breathability and does not restrict movement.
This also makes a great stand-alone jacket, featuring underarm zippers with corded pulls to help regulate heat/cold. The wrist have velcro adjusters for comfort and heat retention. There are zippered pockets in front at the waist and two large mesh pockets inside the jacket, great for storing your valuables. The jacket also has an elastic drawstring waist with friction-lock adjusters at each hip. Shoulders feature extra layer of nylon to help repel water. 100% Polyester. NSN 8415-01-503-0224


Vodoo Tactical 42" Deluxe Padded Weapons Case. Outside Pockets Hold 6 Rifle Mags, 8 Pistol Mags and 2 Pistols. This bag was designed for carrying two 42” rifles and two hand guns. Made with rugged ballistic pack cloth construction for durability. Includes heavy duty locking zipper pulls with padlocks for security. The bag features wrap & carry handles, universal webbing, closed cell foam padding, 2” padded interior perimeter lip with padded divider to keep your weapons safe and secure. There is a detachable padded, adjustable, shoulder strap with outside universal attachments straps. The pistol and mag pouches have locking zipper pulls and zipper protective flaps. Holds six 30 round rifle mags and holds eight pistol mags. Hook-N-Loop I.D. Patch. This bag can hold tactical weapons not over 42" in length.


UBACS Under Body Armor Combat Shirt. Brand New genuine British Army Issue UBACS shirt. These shirts are cu rrently issued to British Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Specifically designed to be worn under body armor and quality constructed for MOD from Coolmax fabric. The sleeves and shoulders of this garment are IR treated British Desert DPM. The sleeves also have large Velcro closure pockets with elastic to hold pens, etc. For added comfort, the lower sleeves, shoulders, forearm and elbows have extra padding, with removable foam.The bottom of each sleeve has button adjusters to make sleeves tighter or looser. The neck has a zipper for easy on/off. The shirt is highly breathable and wicking, microbiological. Shaped lower back, 2 upper button flap pockets and 2 lower arm pen pockets. Color is Sand.